Monday, August 18, 2014

Vacation over :(

Today was the last day of our mini vacation.  We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and it was raining so we started making our way back towards home.  We stopped at Toms Logging Camp in Duluth.  The kids had fun feeding the fish, chickens, and lamas (they had goats until the predators got them).  We checked out the store there too but didn't buy anything.  

I did manage to get pics of all 3 kids as loggers.  I think they make super cute loggers lol.  We also checked out this sweet electric chair that they had.  It has a sign on it saying "DO NOT SIT IN IT" or I would have posed for a pic with it but I got one of the chair by its self

We stopped at Jay Cooke State Park for lunch on the way home.  They have rebuilt the swinging bridge since we were last there it was washed out in the flooding of 2012.

Z had to help her Daddy take a pic on the bridge.  G wanted his pic with Z to be taken at the waters edge.

I do have pics of our adventures yesterday too.

The kids playing at the shops and on the rocks in Grand Merais. 

K trying to work stilts

G and Z playing in a sand box

Z and Daddy checking out the water

I love the look of deep reflection K seems to have in this pic

The 3 kids checking out the light house

After Grand Merais we stopped at Temperance River State Park to check out the water falls and do some rock climbing.

By the time we were done there we went to the hotel to relax and swim.

I tried to get pics of the boys on the slide but they just moved so fast.  They rode the slide 48 times each to get certificates saying that they are part of the mile slide club.

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