Saturday, August 9, 2014

New seat for Z almost

Because we don't have the boys again this weekend we went to Babies-R-Us to buy Z s bigger car seat.  She is not too big for the carrier yet but we are looking at going up north next weekend and Dad thought that she would be happier being able to see out the window.  We bought the Alpha Elite because it seemed to be the most comfortable looking and she seemed to like it when we set her in it in the store.  We decided that we were going to install in in the parking lot so she can ride home in it.   I have a Dodge Avenger so a mid size sedan and we could not get it to tighten down and feel secure in the rear facing position.  We tried it several times and with both the seat belt and the latch system.  It just seemed very tippy.  We just gave up and put her old car seat back in and went back in and returned it.  We looked around again but could not find another one that we liked so we are going to look at Buy Buy Baby tomorrow.  I will keep you posted if I find another one I like that does not cost $300.


  1. Ohhh. moving on up! That's a nice looking seat!