Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Month of being a Blogger

I started my blog one month ago today.  What a long way I have come.  I learned what Google+ was, I got a Twitter, a Pinterest and a Facebook fan page.  I have followers.  I have blogged about my life, my kids, my work, and even some of my knitting.  

Today was Gs first day of football.  He is on the purple team and his # is 3.  Last year we were on the blue team and # 14.  His friend Maveric is not on his team but his other friend Timmy is on his team this year.  This is our last year of flag football.  I will miss it but I doubt G will he is too excited to start contact football.

K had his open house at the high school tonight too.  We met all but 2 of his teachers.  We also did not get to meet his new special ed case manager.  I wanted to meet him to talk about Ks school year plans but I guess now that I have a name I will e-mail him to set up a meeting.

G has his back to school night tomorrow.  He is anxious to find out who his teacher is and what friends will be in his class this year.  Last year we were new to town so he didn't know anyone anyways.

Also for those keeping track today was my 3rd trip to the Minnesota State Fair.

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