Monday, August 11, 2014

G's new glasses

Today we went to pick up the boys new glasses.  G went first and loves both of his new pairs.  They are Harley Davidson brand and have skulls on the bows.  We made him get 2 pair of the same frames so when (not if) he breaks them we will have parts to fix them.  He got one pair in navy blue and the other pair is black.  Here is a pic in his favorite pair the black ones.

K went next and when they opened his both pair had scratches on the frames so we refused them and the new ones should be available for pick up in a few days.  Hopefully he will let me get some pics of him then if not I will get some on our mini vacation we are going on next weekend.

We also had K's last appointment with his psychiatrist.  The doctor is leaving the practice and moving to another clinic downtown Minneapolis.   What sucks is that it is so far away and also it doesn't take our insurance.  The clinic has yet to find a replacement that will deal with kids under 18 so we are looking for a new shrink.  The doc recommended a guy in Woodbury that I guess we are going to check out or possibly just go to the pediatrician for meds.  I guess I have some appointments to make for K now.

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