Friday, August 22, 2014

State Fair Day 4

I managed to not go on the first day of the fair but got stuck going today.  I only had to fix 3 boxes there and got to walk around and get my corn dog so that made it a little better.  I still hate the fair there are too many people and it is too hot.  I dig the food but not how much it costs.

The boys helped Nana dig the holes for her new basement windows.  They were covered in dirt when I picked them up.  They are going to their dads for Saturday night.  On Sunday we are going to have an early night due to G and Z starting daycare on Monday as well as Monday being the first day of school for K and G.

I just want to get through these next 10 days of summer then I am going to start looking for another (better paying) job.  I love my job but after daycare for 2 kids that leaves me under $400 for bills and that is with me getting paid bi-weekly.  I can't afford to work there anymore.  Also working Tuesday to Saturday all summer and not being able to take a vacation between Memorial and Labor day really sucks.

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  1. I hear that. Sometimes, it feels like you are working for nothing.