Friday, August 15, 2014

State Fair day 2

Today I spent the whole work day at the MN State Fair.  I got to work in a parking lot with no shade in the hot sun.  At one time I left my thermometer sitting on top of a box and when I picked it up it read 117 degrees.  I managed to get 7 working out of 12 boxes.  I left parts for 2 more so hopefully they can fix them themselves.  I guess I will just wait and see.  I gave up and left the fair at 3 because I felt like I was going to hurl due to the heat.  I did get some pics of  my one girl show there.

Here are some of the boxes that I was working on

This is not how you add access to the high side line of an icebox

This is just strait up abuse.  There is supposed to be a copper line coming out of the top of that and going to the compressor but someone ripped it out.  I am having this one sent to my shop so I can try to find a new condenser for it so I can finish fixing it.

But it was a productive day at the fair.  I put on 2 cords, 3 condenser fans, fixed refrigeration problems on 2 boxes, rewired 2 boxes and left 2 AD fans and a condenser fan for them to do.  I just hope that I don't have to go back again this year.  I hate going to the Fair when it is running more that I hate going when its not running yet.  Mostly because you can't drive on the grounds during the day so you have to load all of your stuff on a cart and walk in the crowds to get to the box and hope that you have the right stuff to fix it.

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