Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Purple vs Maroon

G had his first football game of the season today.  They played the Maroon team.  His BFF Mav is on the Maroon team so G was nervous to play against his friend but he did his best anyway.  He says that they won but I am not so sure lol.  I wasn't keeping score because it is almost impossible to keep an eye on Z and watch G play.  I did get some pics of him but I was sitting kind of far away due to wanting to sit in the shade.

He is purple 3 and yes he was paired up against Mav.  I guess he is just going to have to get used to playing against his friends because he still has 4 more years of community ed sports before the Jr High teams form.

I also got a pic of Z playing instead of watching too.

He has his next game on Saturday and pics on Monday.  We also have a birthday party for the niece E on Sunday.  Our start of the school year is starting to look as busy as out summers are.

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