Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Purple vs Gold

Work was hard today but tomorrow will be worse.  I have 2 compressors to do tomorrow.  One is at an SA and the other is at a construction site.  The problem with the construction site is that it is a hard hat and safety vest required site as well as I can't park close to the box so I have to haul all of my crap over to the box and when I am done I have to haul it back to the truck.  I hate doing refrigeration work.  Today was bad because I dropped my 1/4" nut driver behind the box at Walmart and couldn't get it out.  See here it is.

G had another football game today.  This time they played and beat the Gold team.   He almost didn't get to play because he lost his mouthguard.  We ended up finding it in the car.  Here he is in action.

White the kids and I were at G's game D started into the second tub of apples that his Mom brought over.  At this rate we should have enough applesauce to last us until next year.

I hate applesauce but the kids love it.

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