Friday, September 5, 2014

Its Friday!!!

TGIF!!!  Yes it is truly Friday for me now.  I am so glad summer is over.  I still need to have a meeting with the boss so I can feel free to go apply for jobs. 

 I only have a 4 day work week next week due to the daycare lady's son getting married so she will be closed.  My only gripe is that not being able to work means not getting paid for that day due to not having anymore vacation days.  But D makes more money than I do so I am the one taking the day off.

I made the boys cheese quesadillas for dinner.  Ok cheese and leftover taco meat quesadillas.  I hate tortillas so I had a bowl of cereal instead.  D did not want any either so cereal for him too.  He shared with Z.

Why is it that when people feed babies they open their mouths?

G got his test package from Bee Sili.  They are silicone ice pop molds.  Well I suppose you can put anything in them.  We were out of kool aid and I didn't feel like making any so we put gatorade in them.  The nice part is that they have lids so they don't spill in your freezer.  They weren't frozen before he went to bed so he will have to check them out tomorrow.  They come in a six pack of different colors at a very reasonable price.  Full review coming soon.