Sunday, September 7, 2014

E's 9th Birthday Party

What a fun day today was.  First Vikings game of the season and they beat the Rams 34 to 6.  Z wore her Vikings outfit this morning but her Dad made her change before the birthday party for her cousin.

What sucked was that we had to be at said birthday party at 12:30 so we missed most of the game.  G thought that it was worth it because he got to go to Sky Zone for the first time ever.  It is a room filled with trampolines and you can shoot baskets and play dodgeball.

Z just hung out with the adults and watched because you can't jump when you can't even walk yet.

When they were done with their hour of jump time (which is exhausting) we went to Cherry Berry.  I had never gone to Cherry Berry before.  With a birthday party you get a 4oz cup and can fill it as full as you want of frozen yogurt and toppings it just has to fit in the cup.  D took this as a personal challenge.

Z helped him eat all of that but it was still a ton of frozen yogurt.  E loved the present we got her.  She just has to remember that it is also part of her Christmas present.

We brought G's helmet with so she could try it out before she brought it home.

Everyone was exhausted when we got home (some more than others)

We also got another big bin of apples that we have to deal with and D has since been called into work but those are for another post on another day.

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