Thursday, September 18, 2014

I think I pissed off someone at work

I came into work today, grabbed my truck keys and went outside to this crap.

I am the one who folded in my mirror trying to figure out how to get my truck out without having to get the keys for the other truck.  I mean who does this crap.  It has been a long week and then I get this.  I was parked first in the lines and someone had to do this.  I had to crawl in from the passenger side of my truck.  Seriously who does that...

The other day D made a comment that it would be so awesome if they made Mike n Ikes in all reds.  You know the good flavors so you don't have to throw away half the box ie. the green and yellow ones.  So when I was getting gas at SA today there they were the box of all reds.

I bought him 2 boxes lol.

In honor of TBT I give you some of K's baby pics

K with an old friends daughter who is 3 weeks younger

K and I

K and my 2 middle brothers J and B


  1. Oh I hate when people park stupidly that it makes getting in your car difficult :( Very inconsiderate.

    Have a good weekend tho!!! :)