Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I almost pissed myself at work today

I was sent to Turtle Lake, Wisconsin to fix a box at a liquor store today.  It was the usual 2 door slant outdoor box.  It was unplugged when I got there so I lifted the cover to give her a once over before I plugged her it and found this...

Can you see that big ass frog next to the compressor in the pic.  I swear he was 3 inches or so and 5 inches from where I had to work on the compressor.  When I saw him I almost pissed myself and fell off of my stool.  

I am so glad that my truck has an air compressor on it.  I used 150 psi to blow him back behind the box so he wouldn't touch me.  I know it is girly but I can't stand anything slimy.  I say no to snakes, frogs, ok no amphibians of any kind.

I usually find dead mice but a frog is a first for me.  The day I find a snake or live mouse I will quit because that is just gross.

When I was done working on it I was checking the cooling inside the box and found...

Yup thats right a different FUCKING frog inside the box.  On the upside this one is inside and it was running so I am sure he froze in 30 minutes or so.

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