Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Z's 9 Month Dr. Appt

Z had her 9 month doctor appointment.  She is now 26 inches long (3%)and weighs 16 pounds 7 ounces (19%).  Her weight to height puts her in the 59%.  So she is small for her age I am 5' 1" so she must take after me lol.  She is doing well and normally wouldn't get shots at the 9 month appointment but we are coming into flu season so I opted to get her the flu shot (sorry Z).

She was thrilled that the doctor gave her 2 new books to keep.  

The first one is called Baby A*B*C by Deborah Donenfeld.  It is black and white but the letter and the item in the picture that corresponds to the letter.  For instance B the boots that the baby is wearing in the pic are yellow but the baby is black and white.

The other one is a soft book called Squishy Turtle by Priddy Books.  This just has a picture of an aquatic animal and its name next to it.  For example crab with a cartoon crab pictured.  This one seems great to chew on lol.

All 3 of my kids enjoy reading K especially.  

Do you have any books to recommend for babies, 2nd graders or 8th graders?

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