Saturday, September 13, 2014

Biggest Clearance Score Ever!!!

Today G had his football game against the Maroon team again.  I didn't get pics because it was only 45 degrees and Z fell asleep on the drive to the field so Z, K, and I hung out in the car while G played.  

I worked on my knitting

K read his book on his tablet

Z slept
After football the boys left to go to their Dads for the weekend so D, Z, and I did out earronds.  First up was Walmart for Z food and lunchbox snacks.

Z figured out she could stand in the cart and threw a fit when we tried taking her out of it so we just let her do it.  I know it is very unsafe but it was easier than dealing with a screaming baby.

Next was Target to get a bottle brush.

Typical Target style you go in for one thing and leave with a cart full of stuff.  They had some baby food and juice on clearance so we had to buy them because we will need them adventually.  Also, when we were walking by the school stuff we overheard a girl telling her friend that the composition notebooks were on clearance for 5 cents.  We thought heck with 3 kids 2 of which are in school we always need notebooks.  We ended up with 86 of them.  Yup you heard that right 86 composition notebooks for $4.30.  Biggest clearance score ever!!!  Now what do I do with so many notebooks?