Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vader Dress-up

Nothing new going on today so I am at a loss of what to say so here are some Darth Vader dress up pics.

Z is not sure what to think of this guy stealing her PJs lol.


  1. Oh my! I'm speechless... and on Wordless Wednesday, too!
    Your kids are characters!
    Please come share at

  2. This is Awesome!! Lol! Thanks for Sharing!! #Thingstodo

  3. LOL Too too cute~! Thanks for sharing and stopping by. Sure hope you make it a habit and maybe followed me in my Linky Followers? I had to leave all my followers behind when I got my own website. :( Starting from #1 is a long haul. Going to go follow you too in all your social networks. Thanks again for stopping by & have a great day! HUGS

  4. I'm WORDLESS about your son. I only had daughters. Cute that he loves Star Wars so much. Thanks for coming to the Inspire Me Monday Linky party. I'm Janice, one of your hostesses.

    1. Z who is in the pics is a girl but it is the boys who dress up Vader in her cloths