Friday, March 6, 2015


Its Friday and normally we would have movie night tonight but I am in no mood for a movie nor do I have time to sit and watch a movie tonight.

Guess where we spent our morning???

Daycare was closed today so Z and I planned to meet my mom for a girls lunch but Z had other plans.

She woke up this morning with a cruddy eye.  You know the kind which you have to call for an emergency appointment because you just know its pink eye.

Yup Z has pink eye and an ear infection.  She just finished the meds for strep on Monday and now we are back on meds for something else.  Will this crap ever end?

This is the light in the exam room.  I kept looking at it trying to figure out if the dolphins were swimming sideways or were the fish sideways?

We did end up meeting my mom for lunch anyways.  We had noodles at this one place that I have no clue of the name and cream cheese puffs from Leeann Chin.  I got the lamest fortune ever.

I mean seriously Z always eats her vegetables and has been sick every 2 weeks 4 times now.


  1. Being sick sucks. I hate when you get stuck on the never-ending sick train. Sorry dude!