Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lunch Date

Today we had K's first appointment with his new psychiatrist which was supposed to be a 2 hour appointment took us almost 3 hours.

So we finally got out of there at 2 from our 11:20 appointment so since we both missed lunch I let him pic.

Yup he is mine alright.  When someone just says you pick I pick chipotle but if they say within reason I go for Taco Bell.  I have a thing for tacos I guess lol.

He does make a handsome lunch date.  I still can't believe that in just over a month he will be 15.

I stopped in and picked up the police blanket from my mom because she got the border done (thanks mom).  I am very happy with how this turned out.

I even made progress on the monkey while we were at the doctors.   His PJs are now done all except the buttons.

I just love the butt flap on these.  Now I just have the robe to make and this guy is done.  I am still loving making progress on my 2015 goals.

Thinking of 2015 goals I am still smoke free.  Today was my first day without a patch and I made it so things are still going well on day 71.

G came home from school with the cutest little treasure chest.  It says tooth saver on it.

It has his front tooth in it.  I so have to go to the ATM to get tooth fairy money or I will have a super upset boy tomorrow.

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