Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Yesterday was hopefully the last snowfall of the season.

So today after school G built his last snowman of the season.

Yes he has a snowman for a nose lol.

After he had his fun we had to run to Target to get meds and because we were in D's Suburban the kids got to ride in different seats.  Z got to be front facing and G got to go seatless.  In my car I feel like G is a little short so I still have him in the booster seat and because it is safer and I am a little lazy Z is still rear facing.

I also got a cool new thing to test out and show off my geek side lol.


  1. It's snowing again. Right now! Damn it!

    Is that from Harry Potter?

    1. Yes its the deathly hallows logo and I broke it already yesterday :(