Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pink Eye again

D and I stayed home sick today because we seem to have pink eye.

So yup I quit smoking and I have been sick way more than I ever was in my 20 years of smoking.  I will still rather be sick than go back to that nasty habit.  I am on my 85th day without one.

So we tried Five Guys for lunch because we wanted to try something different and neither one of us had been before.  We both thought that they were good and plan to go again sometime in the future.

I know you are going to call me crazy but when we were at Target getting our meds this afternoon we were offered a free sample of a Birthday Cake Frappuccino by the Starbucks there so I said sure why not.  Now here is the crazy part I have never had Starbucks nor had I ever had a frappuccino before.  I thought that this one tasted ok as in I would consider getting on again someday.

Here is Z during dinner with her potato face shouting "tada" and throwing food everywhere.


  1. You guys need to stop getting sick!

    1. I know I am guessing that it is from not smoking and my body regulating