Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Bag of Stuff

We are still keeping up with another one of our family goals this year and that is to get rid of one bag of stuff a month.

Like in January we went down to the basement again this month.

It is a slow process.

It is still a mess but we did manage to empty 4 tubs, find the shorts, and reorganize some stuff.

We did end up with a bag for donate and 2 bags of garbage so there is some progress being done.

We found some boxes of the boys old toys.

The kids sorted through it and managed to throw some away and some in the donate box.

We even assembled Z's doll furniture that she got for Christmas.

It was warm enough to stain it even.

I know she is too little for doll furniture but my mom got it for her and once it was assembled and stained it can go in the corner of her room and not be in the basement while we are trying to clean it out.  

So now I can continue to collect crap for another month until I have to get rid of another bag lol.

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