Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No Tech Tuesday

Another fun evening of quality family time with no electronics.

The boys did some homework and after they were finished with regular school stuff they copied words from the dictionary.  We have them copy words to help build their vocabulary as well as work on their handwriting.

Z did her own thing most of the night.

D is continuing to try and plan a family vacation.  It is hard work to plan things that we can do with Z and still keep both boys entertained.  

As usual I knit and I am actually almost done with my 4th pair for the year.  This pair is going to be for Z for her 2nd birthday in December.

Z played some more.

G and I played some Spongebob Guess Who and then he wandered off to watch K play Battleship.

D did end up making some progress with trip planning.

Playing and trip planning is hard work I guess lol.

I think I am going to join them good night everyone I will see you tomorrow.

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