Monday, March 30, 2015


This last weekend Woot had a special for a Striiv Pedometer for $25 so I bought 3 of them one for myself, K, and G.

They came today so we set them up and tried them out.

G was doing well with his as in at over 5000 steps but then it wouldn't let him access any of the other screens so we tried to do a reset.

Now I have one very disappointed boy because it wont turn back on.  I e-mailed them and it can take up to 3 days for a reply.  I am going to try and call them tomorrow and see if they can do anything.  It just kinda sucks that he had it for only 2 hours and it is already broken.

Speaking of broken...

This is what the inside of my recovery machine looks like.  I broke it last week and the boss tore it apart to see if he can fix it.  So he is letting me use his personal one which I broke already at the same store I broke mine at.

Dude this is supposed to be a 110 outlet I think something is wrong.

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