Sunday, November 23, 2014

Perkins Woodbury

This evening D and I decided to go out to dinner.  Because Z was with we decided on Perkins because it would have the most options for Z to eat.  We got to the Perkins in Woodbury around 5 so not even dinner rush.  We ordered sodas for ourselves and a milk for Z.  We got our sodas 10 minutes later but still no milk.  

We decided to order dinner anyway big mistake.  He ordered a burger and fries, I ordered a country fried steak with mashed potatoes and fries, we ordered french toast sticks for Z.  

We finally got our food 45 minutes later (still no milk we asked again).  Z's was cold but she is 11 months so no big deal.  D's fries were cold.  My steak was cold and hard as a rock I had to steal silverware off of another table because I did not want to wait forever for the server to bring me some.  

I took 2 bites of potatoes and found a piece of plastic in them.  We are not talking a small piece of plastic but a 3 inch long piece of plastic.

Server comes back with the milk finally and we ask for a manager.  She offers to comp the meal and remake it we refused and walked out.

We went to Bakers Square in West St Paul.  it was 6:25 at this point as in dinner rush.  We were seated within 5 minutes and ordered sodas.  Within 5 minutes we had our drinks and were ordering our meals.  I went with breakfast this time because I just did not want another hastle.

Our food was served within 15 minutes and it was hot and very delicious.  We were very happy with resturaunt number 2.

I will never be back at the Perkins in Woodbury.  Bakers Square is now my place to go for a good dinner.

Have you ever had a very bad or very good experience at a resturaunt?


  1. Sorry you had such terrible service. I would have asked for a manager as well.

    1. I usually enjoy Perkins but I will never return to this one and it will be awhile before I go to another one.