Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday G

My baby boy G was born 8 years ago today.  It seems like just yesterday I held him in my arms for the very first time.

He has gotten so big.  

He spent the weekend with his dad so when he got home we celebrated with blueberry birthday muffins.

We chose not to do cake because he had some with dad and we are having a party next weekend and I didn't want to do cakes 3 weekends in a row lol.  Z's birthday is the 16th so we are having a combined birthday at the pool.

K learned a couple of hard lessons this weekend.  First when you look at inappropriate content you get a virus on your tablet and have to wipe it.  It happened at dads and he doesn't know how to do that so it got put aside until I can deal with it.  Well, he couldn't seem to leave it alone and set it next to a glass of water on the table.  You can fill in the rest.  He is very upset with himself right now and his tablet that is less than a year old might be garbage.  we are still trying to dry it out please cross your fingers for him.

D and I spent the last 2 days making small progress on our Christmas shopping and wrapping.  We have most of the people on our list done but the wrapping thats a whole different story.

It is a slow process hopefully we get it all wrapped by Christmas lol.

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