Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lazy Sunday

All we did today was our weekly trip to Walmart.  Ok and lots of sitting around doing nothing but sitting in front of the TV watching the Food Network with a crabby baby.  

Well ok we did clean the living room because Z decided to TP it like a teenager TPs the yard.

We made it to Target yesterday to check out the after Halloween sales. We scored 10 boxes of Count Chocula cereal for around $1 each.  What we did was they were $2.50 regular price - 30% clearance - 25% cartwheel - a $2 off 5 boxes of General Mills cereal coupon which I had 2 of.

At Walmart we had 2 coupons for $1.50 off a box of Mike & Ikes which Walmart sells for $0.98 so they paid us $0.52 to buy a box of candy.  We also got 4 boxes of Halloween Captain Crunch for $1.10 a box.  We figure we now have enough boxes of cereal to last the boys about 2 weeks lol.

We also had a Z mess on Saturday to clean up.  I don't know why we let her feed herself spaghetti with meat sauce but we did.  I still have no clue how she got it on the wall behind her chair.  As far as I can tell it magically went through her and onto the wall behind her.

I hate to say it but I am kind of glad that it is finally starting to get cold out because I can dress Z in all of her super cute knit wear.  Ok she has 2 things but I also get to wear my knit socks so I am content anyway. work slows down tons too because people unplug their outside boxes for the winter.

I have been waiting to put her in this dress for months and now its cold enough that I can lol.

What your favorite part of the Fall?

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