Friday, November 21, 2014

Game Night

This evening was game night at the church.  We brought Credit Card Monopoly, Battleship, and Clue.  K played Monopoly with Pastor Warren and a couple of other people he conned into playing with him.

G played Jenga with some family that came with us.

Z played Jenga when they were done.  Ok she played her own version of the game lol.

I learned how to play Bananagrams which was fun and interesting.  

I finished D's Christmas socks while I was at work today.  The pattern is the same as I used for K and G's which is called show off stranded socks.  the yarn is called Jarbo Garn Mini Raggi and only had a color number of 68106 but no color name.

Now I just have mine and Z's to get done and just over a month to do it in.  I plan to start Z's at Crafting Club tomorrow.  Hers are small and shouldn't take too long to make.  I just hope that I can get them all done in time for Christmas because then we will all have socks that are the same pattern but in different sizes and colors.


  1. My son and his wife when they got married they use...Jenga blocks for there guest to sign.
    I stop in from IBA...Still learning my way around.
    Coffee is on