Monday, November 3, 2014

Work Birthdays

The problem with my work truck being in the shop is that I am stuck in the office doing paperwork.  I should just call it shit filing work lol.  But this time while I have been stuck in the office it has been 2 peoples birthdays.

On Friday it was Nicole's birthday so work bought us Carbones.  I don't mean they bought a bunch of pizzas I mean you got a "heres the menu pick something."  So I tried a pepperoni pizza sandwich.  This thing is basically a pizza burrito and It was delicious.  I had never tried anything other than their pizzas before and boy was I missing out lol.  We also had some awesome chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Today it was Kelly P's birthday.  We call her Kelly P because we also have a Kelly H who works in the office.  So Kelly P chose Applebees.  I tried the Triple Bacon Burger.  This thing has bacon, bacon, and more bacon on it.  I <3 bacon lol.  According to the website it has Bacon in, bacon on, BBQ bacon ranch & cheddar cheese.  I had to try this and because I wasn't paying for it why not try it.  It was delicious as well.  We also had chocolate cake with a cream frosting for this birthday.  She got ice cream too it was Stone Ridge ice cream that they got a cub.  We got the choice of Mint Chocolate Chip or Caramel Cheesecake or both.  I got only the caramel cheesecake because the thought mint mixed with the cheesecake sounded gross.  I plan to buy more of the caramel cheesecake next time I cam at Cub.

I wish it was my birthday tomorrow lol.  I am hankering for some Chipotle.  But I guess I will have to wait until August to get screwed out of my free lunch.  August means summer and I am too busy in the summer to take the time for a leisurely lunch.

Does your work buy you lunch or even cake for your birthday?