Saturday, November 22, 2014

On call

D is on call this week and it hasn't been bad until today.  The first call came when we were getting ready to go to crafting club at church around 10:30.  Z and I didn't see him again until we were leaving the church at 4 ish.  I guess he did 3 calls before he was finally done.  He was there for about 10 minutes until another call came in.  He turned up again at 6 ish and once again about 10 minutes later another call came in.  It is now 10:30 pm and Z finally passed out 10 minutes ago and he is still not home yet.

Z is very clingy due to the ear infection and Dad not being home all day.

Here we are taking selfies way past bed time.  She did not want to get her picture taken but I was quickly running out of things to do to entertain her.  All she wanted to do was cuddle and cry for Dad.

I did not get much knitting done at crafting club due to Z being there.  I only got the leg and heel of her Christmas socks done.  They are small so they are a quick knit.  I just have hers and mine left to do and a month to do them in.

I hope to get all the socks done in the next couple of weeks so I can get the trip blankets caught up and I also hope to make a hat for the older niece for Christmas.

Do you make any gifts for your family for Christmas?

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