Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  The boys went with their dad so D, Z, and I went to D's Aunt's house for lunch.  Afterwards I went to Walmart and Target with D's stepdad.  I got a few Christmas gifts for the boys but not much.  

Today is Black Friday.  I went to Menards and Fleet Farm.  Yup just got paid today and I am broke already.  On the bright side even with G's birthday on Sunday and Z's birthday on December 16th I have the 3 kids almost done.

I still have all of my siblings left to buy for and both my parents so I am no where near done shopping yet but I have made a good start at it.  I so spoil my kids at Christmas.

My bed half full of stuff bought in the last week

Some stuff for the kids but mostly for others.

More stuff for the kids

Yup very spoiled.  

We had a lazy dinner while we were sorting through all of the stuff we have trying to figure out who we had done and what we still needed to buy for people.

Most of the lazy dinner was Z and I were up and out by 5:30 this morning to drop off Z at Nana's and pick up the old guy to go shopping.  Ok and D had to work today so he didn't feel like cooking either.  

Going shopping with the old guy was great he is handicapped so we got to park in the close spots at all of the stores lol.

Do you Black Friday shop?  Did you get any great deals?


  1. Did you get lots of deals? We have Little Caesar's last night, LOL!

    1. Some but you gotta wait until Christmas to find out lol