Monday, November 10, 2014

Christening Gown

Part of why we have put off getting Z baptised for so long was the argument of what she was going to wear.  Both of us have sisters who don't plan on having children so our families were pushing us to use their gowns.  We wanted to use D's, his Mom wanted us to use his sisters, my mom and sister wanted us to use theirs (my sister wore my moms).  

I finally gave up because Z wont fit in my mom/sisters.  So his mom called me after work to stop in to pick it up on my way home and she shows me it is his sisters :(  WTF we wanted his and now it "can't be found" I am pissed.  I mean look at this thing it is hideous.

The bottom half is ok

But the top is ugh...

So the baptism is on Saturday so 4 days away and I don't have anything acceptable to put her in for her big day.  I have called my little sister for help and we spent an hour on pinterest trying to find something quick that she can get done in time.  I love her because she is going to try and pull something off to the point that she was heading to the fabric store tonight.

I am crushed that we don't get to use D's.  They blamed it on missed communication because they say that we didn't want to use his because it was blue.  Now neither will get used and we have to struggle to get one made for her in time.  I should have just had one made for her from the beginning.

Lesson learned I guess.  

What is the hardest lesson you had to learn when it came to your family?