Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sioux Falls

We are home from our overnight trip to Sioux Falls.  We had so much fun.

We stumbled across some county fair.

No clue what county it was fut it was free so we checked it out.

We climbed the 5 story lookout and got a pic of Sioux Falls.

We took one from the ground too.

The photo of the kids because you always have to get a pic with all of the kids in it.

We checked out Devils Gulch and had to get a pic through the bridge.

Its not like the bridge was high or anything lol.

We checked out the water fall at Splitrock Park as well.

On the way home we tried to get a good pic on the bison at Blue Mounds State Park but this was the best we could get.  We were going to walk farther but I wanted to run back when I encountered a snake.  I don't care that it wasn't poisonous I don't like snakes.

Z was not happy to be heading back.

We checked out the quarry ruins.

We found some wild plums...we tasted them.

Because it was Sunday we stopped at the roadside church and looked around.

Nope it really is that small.

We also stopped at Split Rock Creek State Park.  This one wasn't on our list but we were driving by so why not.

It did have a nice view of a cool bridge.

Last on the list was Pipestone National Monument.   The rock looks like a face in this picture.

We stopped at this one because it had a waterfall.  It was beautiful.  

I had never been to Sioux Falls and I definitely plan to return soon.  This was the 3rd state besides our home state that the kids have been to this summer.

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