Monday, August 10, 2015


Yesterday we got a text from our daycare lady saying that one of the other moms texted her saying that she thinks that her daughter might have hand, foot, and mouth.  UGH

Yesterday Z was warm and not wanting to eat much.  Today she still didn't want to eat much.

We have also learned that the other girl does not have hand, foot, and mouth she has strep.

Sweet my kid won't eat and strep is going around.  We called our pediatrician but they are booked and suggested after hours.  Target clinic has no wait and will treat as young as 18 months so thats where we went.  She got strep tested and passed the quick test but we won't find out a definite yes or no until Thursday.  But, she can still go to daycare as long as her fever is down.

I finally got some pics from work to share.

View from the ice box.  

I also got the pH lab.

I know lame pics right.  I plan to get better ones but I am so into learning my new job that I forget.  I hope to remember someday.

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