Saturday, August 22, 2015


I had my dates wrong about the Home Depot thing  :(  it was Thursday so I missed it.  I did sign up for the September one so I am not too disappointed.

So I headed over to meet D and the kids at Lowes for that workshop.  It was the last of the Avengers series.  We did not do all 6 because we were busy most of the summer.  So we have only done Hulk Tank and now Thors Chariot.

The 3 guys worked very hard on their projects.

Z helped everyone hammer.

She even hammered dad lol.

She does love her new car.

It looks kinda cool I guess.

We only have 2 out of the six patches which the kids are fine with.  I looked online and people are selling the kits and patches for lots of money and to me it is not worth it.

We have signed up for the next kids workshop at Home Depot which is on September 5th and the next Do it Herself workshop is September 17th and I hope to make it to that one.

As for Lowes the next sign up is on Monday so we wont know anything until then.

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