Sunday, August 2, 2015


We continued our work in the basement today.

One room is totally in sheet rock but no tape or mud yet.

The other room is getting some changes.  With 5 of us in the house now we need a bigger water heater so we have to have more room for that which meant changing the closet for that room.  The closet is not partially done but no sheet rock in that room yet.  Next weekend we hope to be ready to do that.

I am slowly digging out all of my stuff that I will need for my new job tomorrow.  So far I have stolen G's lunchbox, bought new boots and gloves, found my earmuffs, and loaded my backpack.  All I need to do in the morning is pack my lunch and fill my water bottle.

Like normal we did go for out evening walk.  Z seems to be in a funny mood because she thought that it was hilarious to hang out the side of the stroller.

I am nervous and excited to start my new job tomorrow.  I just hope that it goes as well as I hope that it will.

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