Sunday, August 30, 2015

Iron Range

This was our last weekend with the boys before school starts so we went on another weekend trip.

This was my first trip to the Iron Range of Minnesota.

We visited the Soudan Mine.

They had a ton of artifacts from the iron mining era.

We paid to do the underground tour.

We got to ride the old miner elevator down to the 27th floor underground.

We got to ride on the miner train 3/4 of a mile.

We now know a bunch of stuff about mining and have been farther under ground than most people that we know.

We also stopped to check out the big mining dump trucks.

Everything that is for mining is bigger than life.

Like the scoop for a digger that all 3 kids could stand in.

With all of that adventure the hotel left some to be desired.  The pool was freezing and the hot tub was too hot.  The view sucked.  Yes those are railroad tracks and yes the train went by about every hour all night.

The hotel provided ear plugs which we discovered in the morning.  UGH I did not sleep well last night and it feels great to be home.

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