Thursday, August 13, 2015


do you ever have those days where you just should have stayed in bed all day?  Thats what I had today.

It started at 6:04 this morning with a text from daycare saying that she was sick today and wouldn't be open.  Crap I have been at my job less than 2 weeks I can't call in sick.  We got lucky that Nana was home and could take the kids at such short notice.

Then at 6:20 I was headed downstairs to get my boots for work and slipped down half the steps.  I am fine but sore.

I made it to work and thru my day fine.  After work I had to rush to Nana's to get the kids and home for dinner.  

We had football from 6-7:30 and because D was running late this morning he was still not home so I had all 3 kids at the practice.

I didn't get to watch G practice because with Z it is impossible.  But he had fun anyway.  While we were at the park D called and said don't expect him home anytime soon he was headed to urgent care for some stitches.

So that was my crappy day that I should have just stayed in bed all day for.  

On the up side I get my first paycheck from my new job tomorrow.

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