Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Football day 2

Another productive day at my new job followed by dinner and football.

Today I learned my title is waste stream coordinator.  I also learned to do pH testing on samples by myself.  I am starting to learn my way around and hope to find some friends soon.  Tomorrow I go to hazmat class for most of the day so I start the learning process again on Thursday.

We had the niece M and Nana and Pops over for dinner before football today.  We made maple pork chops and they were delicious.  D has an overnight install tonight so he gets to bum around the house all day tomorrow so hopefully it is something good for dinner again tomorrow.

M and Z walking around at football.

G working hard at learning to tackle.  He just loves to play sports.

K and Z like to hang out in the grass and pick flowers.

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