Sunday, July 20, 2014

Very First day as a Blogger

Today is the first day of my new life as a blogger.  I am Cindy and I have 3 kids K is 14, G is 7, and PZ is 7 months.  We life in Minnesota.  

I am an avid knitter with a yarn stash that I doubt that I will ever use all of it within my lifetime.  I work full time for an ice company fixing the ice boxes.  

K is starting the 8th grade this fall.  He has ADHD and tourette syndrome.  School is a struggle for him because he is too smart for his own good.

G is starting the 2nd grade this fall.  He is a very ambitious boy.  He is looking forward to the start of football season more than school right now.

PZ is 7 months old and getting more and more mobile by the day.  We call her PZ because when I was pregnant with her I didn't want to deal with people saying that we had picked out a bad name so we went with PZ.  One letter was for a boys name and one was for the girls name (it ended up being the Z name).  

K is in a day program through the end of July so I take G and Z to do things while I am off on Mondays.  Tomorrow we are going to Chutes and Ladders park in Bloomington and possibly the swimming beach too.  I will check in tomorrow with pictures hopefully.

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