Thursday, July 24, 2014

Post 5

Wow I have been a blogger for 5 whole days.  I know that a ton of people have done this longer than me but hey you gotta start somewhere right?  

So today I got out of work at 3:15 which is early for a summer day but I know better than to complain.  I did get to drive out to Cornell, WI today and took a pic of a sweet looking bridge I passed.  It is located at the intersection of highways 178 and TT.  I also took a pic of the sign telling about the bridge.

I also got to go to Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire today.  It was tons of fun (insert sarcasm here).  On the up side I get paid by the hour and I got to stop at Fazoli's for lunch.  They are not in the twin cities metro anymore so you have to go out there or to Rochester to get some.  It is a good change from the same old burgers and fries.  


  1. 5 days is longer than some! Stick with it!

    1. I am trying. Thanks for making the first comment!!!