Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Football Day 3

Today was day 3 of football and so far I have managed to make it to see him play.  On Monday it was me, Z, and Ducky who came, yesterday it was just G and I there, and today it was G, Z, Nana, and I.  We didn't even know she was coming but she was at the field when we got there and it was a fantastic surprise.  To top it off we met Mav's grandma and she swapped numbers so G can go over to his house for a playdate on Friday.

K went to Valley Fair with his day program today.  It was his first time being there and when he got home we got to hear about it in lengthy detail.  Oh the joy of a child who has a tendency to get over excited about things.  Truthfully I am very tired of hearing about rides at this point I feel like I have ridden all of them myself.  Hopefully the bowling trip is a wee bit less exciting.

All three kids have eye doctor appointments on Monday which is going to be tons of fun (insert sarcasm here).  If it is anything like last time they will get their eyes dilated and everything.  The boys are excited to pick out new glasses so it won't be all bad.  I am just dreading dealing with Z during the whole thing.

Now for todays pics...

 Z in her new dress that is still too big but I had to try it on her anyway.  Ok and it is still too warm to wear. 

 G playing football well...not quite football more like trying to catch a football at skills camp.

And more skills camp

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