Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weaving Again

I am back at the weaving again today.

I strung my loom the other day and today I got a chance to work on my scarf.

I wanted a houndstooth pattern and I thought that I had it figured out this time but no such luck.

I am still happy with the pattern that I made and plan to try for houndstooth again next weekend.

I made this pattern by alternating one strand of each color for the warp and every other row for the weft as well.

I also worked on our trip blankets for a bit but, didn't finish another one yet so no pics to share possibly tomorrow.

I will share the sketches that G and I made in my sketching book today.  I used bits of paper to cover up the kid's names but other than that this is what we sketch lol.  We don't do well without a prompt.


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