Sunday, July 17, 2016

Quilt Kit

I found time to work on some sewing this week.

I had gotten this kit from Hancock Fabrics at their going out of business sale for under $10.

The fabric inside is very pretty.

I have about half of my blocks cut and hope to get the rest of them done so I can start sewing next week.

I found an awesome quilting ruler on clearance at my local walmart.

For $15 I got 4 square rulers.  I got 12.5", 9.5", 6.5", and 4.5" so if you live by a Walmart and are a quilter stop in and take advantage of this sweet deal.

We spent part of the day today doing a deep clean of the house and I came across this long time unfinished cross stitch blanket.  I started this before Z was born and obviously have yet to finish it.  Out of the 3 kids only G has his done.

I finally got around to washing our color run shirts and unfortunately our shirts didn't hold much color.

Both have a slight pink to them but that's it.

So I picked up a tie dye kit and I am going to use it to make our shirts keep some form of color.

Until next time everyone,


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