Saturday, March 5, 2016


So I stumbled upon this blog the other day about making one quilt block every day for a year.

It is called the 365 challenge and you can get more info here.

I am starting out behind and only really have weekends to work on it so I figure that until I catch up I will have to do 10 blocks each weekend.  Here is block 1/1/16 called 3 Strips.

Block 1/2/16 is called Easy H.

Red Cross or should I call it Green Cross from 1/3/16.

Four Patch from 1/4/16.

Nine Patch from 1/5/16.

Four Strips from 1/6/16.

Two-by-Two from 1/7/16.

London Stairs from 1/8/16.

Uneven Nine Patch 1/9/16.

Double Four Patch from 1/10/16.  This one I might pull apart because I am not thrilled with the pink/green/yellow thing that I have going on.

Next week I hope to accomplish this and make my next 10.  If you can sew at all please join me in this challenge.


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