Saturday, February 6, 2016


Today instead of spending my Saturday working on my craft projects we went on a shopping trip to a few different craft stores.

I spoiled myself just a little bit by buying my next several projects lol.

I got Z some Minion fabric so I can start on a pair of actual pajamas for her.

I also found some fish fabric and vinyl for a peek a boo toy bag.

A few different patterns for a dress and bloomers for Z.

Worsted weight yarn for a couple of pairs of slippers for D's mom and grandma.

I also scored two super cute hat kits for the two little ones.

I also got some thread and other miscellaneous notions (some I needed others I just wanted lol).

Even the boys both picked out their next projects.

G got himself a new latch hook kit that was on clearance for $6.00.

K couldn't find another beginner pattern that he liked for himself so he decided that he was going to make some doll cloths for Z.

Both boys don't car for homemade stuff so much so both of them picked out something to make for their sister what great big brothers they are turning out to be.

I do plan to actually sew something tomorrow so stay tuned to see if it turns out or not lol.


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