Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pampers Cruisers

So since the day that she was born Z has worn Pampers diapers.  She started out with Swaddlers and as she has gotten bigger she switched to Baby Dry.  Well thanks to Pampers and Influenster she just got to sample Pampers Cruisers.

The fit much the same as other Pampers diapers so not much change there.  The feel and ease of use is the same except for the Swaddlers and Baby Dry have the yellow stripe on them that turns blue when wet.  I do wish these had that feature to them.  

Z does like that the picture of the Sesame Street character is bigger but when she has it on she can't see it.  It also features a big picture on the back which is rather cute.

So long story short I am going to stick with my usual Pampers Baby Dry.

I got 3 Cruisers diapers free and the Baby Dry I paid for.  The views expressed in my review are my own and they did not compensate me for my work.

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