Sunday, September 13, 2015


I have been slacking about updating lately.  So the week in review...

G's football team is now 3-1.  They lost game 2 against the Raiders.  G missed that game because he was sick.

Today is my first day waking up without a Mountain Dew in 5 years.  Going caffeine free is my next healthy goal.

I am officially down 20 pounds this summer and hope to keep up the progress with another 20 pounds.

Z thinks she is still a baby.

We went bowling for the niece's golden birthday.

Grandpa Popsie fell asleep on the couch at the bowling alley with all the noise.

On the way home we saw a motorcycle in a station wagon.

So that was my week in review.  We start the second week of school next week and it just goes on with more homework from there.

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